Welcome to Baby Corp, the first baby company that makes us babies remain babies forever!

We see the future, but even more; beyond!

We all know Baby Corp is the hope for all babies. Once again, we prove ourselves worthy.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we bring you the new baby formula! The first of its kind ever to leave the lab-THE TYREX.

With this new invention by our lab scientists, we’ve been able to answer baby world the most important question of all time-“Can we stop growing?”. For decades, we’ve looked for how to remain babies for a longer time. We’ve had no options than tickle tests to send a few of us back to earth where the adult humans take care of us, while the rest remain in Baby corp to find a solution to growth.

At last! The first of its kind ever made, the only one ever proven to be positive, the only one who has brought back hope to Baby Corp! I present to you-THE TYREX

Guiding you through the formula

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with the new baby formula – the one thing that defies the word-growth.

Meet our team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals help to keep our dreams alive!

Francesca Piovani

co-founder, CEO

Rhye Moore

CEO, Managing Director

Helga Steiner

Deputy Manager

Ivan Lawrence

Project Manager

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